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Photour Adventures

Photour Adventures are workshops that put the adventure back in photography. We invite amateur and professional photographers to join us on our adventures where we will go to amazing locations and teach you how to work the light and your equipment to capture the beauty around you. Your camera is the tool but your imagination is what creates a beautiful and moving photograph.

Join landscape, event and portrait  photographer, Susan Magnano as she teaches you how to create, compose, and master your camera skills. 

Photour Adventures creates a unique experience that joins the excitement of exploring  new locations with the guidance of professional photographers to create epic images. Our tours caters to small groups and individuals who want to learn how to take better pictures and will do so with nature as the classroom.  

We focus on:

*Developing a Creative Vision

*Understanding Composition

*Using Shapes, Textures, and Light

*Capturing Long Exposures and Motion

*Critiquing and Editing

So Pack your Bags, put on your hiking boots, grab your camera and most importantly... your creativity!  The photography opportunities never cease. We will be chasing the light and spending our time photographing the most iconic locations.  So join us on our next adventure!