NYC Photo Adventure with


Midnight to Sunrise

July 25th-26th, 2019

11:45PM- 6:00AM

55 Church Street (Across from the Oculus)

In-front of the glass doors of the Millennial Hilton Hotel New York, NY

Do you have what it takes to do an ALL NIGHT Photo Adventure? 

Join Travel Photographer, Susan Magnano as she takes you to NYC’s most iconic spots that take on a totally different look and feel at night.  Watch as the city come alive as the street lights guide our way and  the photographers come out to create while the tourists sleep. Together we will create unique shots with long exposure, motion and light painting. There will be coffee and snack stops and we will travel by foot and subway. If you make it to sunrise you will be rewarded with breakfast and fun stories to share with your friends

This workshop will teach the fundamentals of photographing:

  • Cityscapes & Urban Architecture

  • Long Exposure & Motion

  • Light Painting & Night Portraits

What's included?

  • Professional landscape photographer guidance and location expertise

  • In the field instruction on mastering photography skills

  • Breakfast after sunrise

  • 8x10 Metal Print from Adoramapix

What should I expect?

On this ALL NIGHTER we will photograph: 

  • Oculus

  • WTC

  • Freedom Tower

  • Federal Hall

  • Wall Street

  • View from walking across the Brooklyn Bridge

  • Old Pier 1

  • Washington Street’s view of Manhattan Bridge

  • Sunrise from Dumbo

We will walk roughly 3 miles and will begin at the WTC and end in Dumbo. We will stop for a coffee, snack & bathroom breaks.

We will begin by reviewing basic camera settings and then work together to create great shots.

This photography walk is designed to give all participants the opportunity to shoot and capture the uniqueness of the city at night.  We will guide you through different photography techniques, and camera settings. We will also spend a good amount of time on photo composition and developing your own style so your photos will tell your story to the viewer.

What should I bring?  

Upon signing up we will send everyone a detailed equipment and material list. The basic gear everyone should have is a digital SLR camera body, tripod and a variety of lens. 

We will be doing some walking so it is advised for you to dress in layers and wear proper footwear. 

Since this is a night photography workshop we recommend bringing a remote shutter release, a head lamp and any light painting tools. 

We also recommend bringing a water and snack to stay hydrated and happy.


Tuition $249