Michael Malandra

The desire to create and inspire has been the guiding force in my life.  Thirty years as a Martial Arts instructor and business owner has opened my eyes and helped me to see things very differently.  The tool I use is a camera but the creativity comes from my love of nature. Photography is my outlet to express my passion. I feel it is my mission to convey this connection and I strive to show you the beauty of the world through my images.

As I get older, I find myself turning to nature for my personal and spiritual growth. I find myself drawn to places of mystery where I can feel at peace with the power of the earth’s spirit.  Whether the subject is an exotic location like the lush Hawaiian Islands, the imposing Matterhorn, the winding canals of Venice, the majestic red rocks of Sedona… or something as local as my neighboring State Park, I feel connected and eager to share my experiences.

Enjoy the photographs, but I challenge you to do more. I challenge you to go out and experience the wonders of nature for yourself! You will find it is worth protecting, and it is worth preserving!  Join me on an adventure and I will help you realize your vision and create new expressions with your own camera.