Student Testimonials

So we have all heard the expression “it blew my mind”. Well yesterday, I think my mind was by your fall photography workshop. I can’t believe how much I learned, by what was said and demonstrated, but just by being in the presence of such talent. The most important thing I learned is that I am very close to being able to make amazing images (besides the ones I always called “my accidents”). I just have to set aside my ‘capture it all’ approach and engage with more discipline and thoughtfulness. For what I paid, I feel a bit like I stole from you. Because it wasn’t just the technical and artistic knowledge I received, but rather, I feel like I have been given the keys to an exclusive club I have been trying to gain access to for some years now. I think the confidence I received from the workshop is going to have a carry-over effect. So perhaps this feeling will wear off, or subside. But the gate is unlocked now. - John


This was a super trip! The degree of planning was so evident, and second only to your knowledge and ability to share that knowledge with others. Your energy, flexibility and patience brought so much to the experience. I particularly liked the range of shooting opportunities and the low student/teacher ratios...particularly helpful in editing. - Nancy

Thank you Mike and Susan, for a wonderful day, I learned a lot from your patient instruction and would highly recommend any one who wants to become a better photographer to invest in your workshops. - Mike

Had a great time!! A really fun group. Always enjoy seeing the different ways that each of us sees the same subjects. Mike and Susan are very knowledgeable and terrific teachers. I learned a lot in the short time we were together. The Gallery is full of stunning photography. Mike and Susan make photoshop and Lightroom look so simple while turning images into beautiful art. Very inspiring to continue learning and practicing. Harriman Park is highly recommended to take your camera out. Thanks for an awesome day! - Richard

I've been to two meet ups with Susan and Mike. The are both extraordinary people who are both welcoming and have a desire to share their love of photography with others. I've been a photographer for many years and would have no problem answering any questions you may have and I'm sure they wouldn't have either. Think of it this way. You'll see some wonderful photographs. You see how they may be improved. And, you may be inspired. - Nate

Thanks Mike and Susan for taking me out on your photo tour in NYC. Excellent experience I recommend Photour to anyone looking for an Adventure in how to create amazing images- Ken

Thank you so much for the fun experience. I love my pictures! - Bryna

I had a great time! Really nice and lots of good ideas! Enjoyed the time even without the pink sunset! - Steve

Good learning experience. My thanks to Susan and Mike for extending themselves to photographers at various levels. Mike's gallery has some extraordinary photographs on display. To sum it up, this meetup is about inspiring and helping photographers committed to improving, create their artistic vision. - Nathan


We went to Sedona for the summer experience. We learned so much and had a blast too. It doesn't matter what your experience or skill level is... Its worth it. Join Susan and Mike on an adventure if you can.  -Brian